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Regal Boats - Part high performance projectile - Part luxury suite. Wrapped in a wind and water piercing FastTrac hull that climbs, easily, to over 50 mph. Below, is a most spacious and generously appointed cuddy whilst the cockpit is large and beamy with comfortable surround seating and an excellent refreshment station.Throughout, a bounty of luxuries, optional elsewhere, are all standard on this electrifying cuddy.

Whilst this was written specifically about the Regal 2450, the description can seemingly apply across the entire Regal range, where their by line "Luxury Performance Boats" is effectively and efficiently brought into reality.

Wherever there is a penchant for high speed water sports, yet with an underlying appreciation for style and luxury, this is where you will find Regal Boats in prominence.

A long term family business with strong beliefs, the Regal Marine business is the envy of many in terms of their trade marked designs, production techniques and adherence to quality control.

A Regal is extensively fitted out and the materials used are the best available with an inclusion in the factory build list of those items that are necessary to ensure long lasting enjoyment and high resale values.

This reputation now extends beyond the bow rider and cuddy with a range of exquisite Cabin Boats and larger, even more luxurious, Sports Coupe’s.



Bow Rider Models

  • 1900 and 1900RS
  • 2000
  • 2100 and 2100RX
  • 2300 and 2300 RX
  • 2500           
  • 2700 and 2700 ES

Deck Boat Models

  • 24 and 24 RX
  • 27 and 27 RX

Cuddy Cabins

  • 2250
  • 2550
  • 2750
  • 3550

Express Models

  • 28 Express
  • 30 Express
  • 35 Express
  • 38 Express 

Sports Coupe

  • 35 SC
  • 42 SC
  • 46 SC
  • 52 SC

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We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the excellence that is a Regal boat, please contact us for specifications and indicative pricing.