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13.10.2013 Cabo 36 Express is reviewed by TAB

Cabo 36 Express is reviewed by TAB

Thanks to the team at Trade-a-Boat for reviewing the impressive Cabo 36 Express. 

Here's the bottom line:

"There are few times in the boat-driving world where it seems appropriate to pull on a pair of leather gloves – well, not without looking like a bit of Wally anyway. The exception to the rule is when taking a genuine gameboat for a spin. Well, to be honest, I still wouldn’t pull on a pair of gloves, but you get my point.


As compact production sportsfishers go, the Cabo 36 Express is at the very top of the bill. Straight off the lot this boat is competitive. With little customisation it would be a serious contender among the hottest fleets on the planet.

And yet, as is proven by its not-so-serious new owners, is extremely versatile. The accommodation spaces are comfortable enough and quite well-appointed. Of more importance is that they are setup to be used at sea, and this is not always the case.

I’ve always liked express-boat styling and appreciate the relatively low maintenance that is the benefit of single-level boat living. As a package, and at this price, it is easy to see why these boats are becoming so popular."


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