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The Power of Simple is when very complex, sophisticated technologies are made extremely easy for you to use. GARMIN is dedicated to making your time on the water more fun, more rewarding by making your electronics more simple. You will find the Power of Simple in all the new GARMIN Marine Product. This new technology is also amazing value for money.

Please see below for our Package Deals.

A Sensible Menu

You probably already know how to use a GARMIN chartplotter, its that intuitive. Just Turn it On and you can quickly follow the simple menu.

Simplified Navigation

Everything is at your fingertips to quickly and easily plan your route and set your course.


Homeport enables the use of existing BlueChart data from your chartplotter or card to help you plot a course on your computer in comfort and at a time that suits you. You can then transfer this planned route back to your chartplotter and head off on your adventure. Homeport also helps with fuel useage, tides, depth profiles, in addition to managing Waypoints, Routes and Tracks. Availabkle for both PC and Mac.

BlueChart Mobile

Down load the BlueChart Mobile app for FREE at the Apple App store. Plan your routes on your iPad or iPhone then wirelessly transfer them to your boats chartplotter. The unique route creation tool allows you to input fuel flow usage and your route progress changes colour based on fuel consumption. BlueChart Mobile is fully integrated with real-time "ActiveCaptain" content for marine data, reviews, local knowledge, anchorages and hazards generated by mariners for mariners. You can even follow your progress on water, on your Apple device using GPS data streamed from your GARMIN network. Find out more @

BlueChart® g2 Vision cartography is Garmin’s exclusive marine mapping.

 Designed to provide interactive viewing of detailed nautical chart data, these electronic nautical charts look just like paper charts when displayed on your Garmin chart plotter.

Garmin’s detailed digital marine data contains premium mapping features like;

  • High-resolution satellite imagery,
  • Above and below the waterline 3D perspectives,
  • Auto-Guidance technology and
  • Coastal roads with points of interest

The Garmin EXCLUSIVE Auto Guidance, when combined with their Auto Pilots, takes the effort of route planning and puts it into the simple touch on the screen of your intended destination. Garmin technology does the rest, navigating through marked chanels and in minimum water depths that you pre set.


Of even of more importance to the fisherman perhaps, has been the release of the GSD 26 Spread Spectrum, Chirp Technology Sonar technology with variable power transducers that have redefined how a sonar works.

Instead of using a high power single frequency burst like traditional sonar, spread spectrum or CHIRP technology (compressed high intensity radar pulse) sweeps each pulse through a range of frequencies to deliver unprecedented levels of target separation in both shallow and deep water. Select from high, medium or low range frequencies and see more individual targets than ever before.

Alternatively, select specific frequencies to target certain species of sport fish. With significantly improved target definition, bottom contouring and noise suppression – plus the power to reach even greater depths than traditional models – the GSD 26 delivers a more detailed interpretation of what’s below for safer navigation and more successful fishing.


1.  Fish and Cruise                        $7,125.00

7012 - 12" Full Colour Touch Screen ; Digital Sounder ; 1kw Transducer ; g2 Vision Chart Card ; VHF radio


  • 7015 - 15" Full Colour Touch Screen ADD $2,999.00 ;
  • 8012 - 12" Glass Bridge MFD ADD $1,700.00 ;
  • 8015 - 15" Glass Bridge MFD ADD $4,150.00

2.   MORE CRUISE than Fish         $18,625.00

7015 - 15" Full Colour Touch Screen ; Digital Sounder ; 1kw Transducer ; g2 Vision Chart Card ; Auto Pilot ; 36nm Radome ; VHF Radio with AIS


  • 8012 - 12" Glass Bridge MFD  SAVE $1,300 ;
  • 8015 - 15" Glass Bridge MFD ADD $1,150.00 ;
  • Digital CHIRP Sounder ADD $1,450.00 ;
  • 1kw CHIRP Transducer ADD $620.00

3.    MORE FISH than Cruise          $15,564.00

8012  - 12" Full Colour Touch Screen ; Digital CHIRP Sounder ; 1kw CHIRP Transducer ; g2 Vision Chart Card ; Auto Pilot ; VHf Radio


  • 8015 - 15" Glass Bridge MFD ADD $2,450.00 ;
  • 2-3 kw CHIRP Transducer ADD $2,056.00 ;
  • 36nm Radome ADD $2,650.00

4.     SERIOUS FISH                        $26,458.00

2 x 8012 - 12" Glass Bridge MFD's ; Digital CHIRP Sounder ; 2-3kw CGIRP Transducer ; g2 Vision Chart Card ; Auto Pilot ; 36nm Radome ; VHf Radio


  • 2 x 8015 - 15" Glass Bridge MFD's  ADD $4,900.00 ;
  • VHF Radio with AIS  ADD $949.00

 Please Note : The above are supply prices only including GST. Installation can be quoted but only after an inspection of your vessel.

None of the above suit your particular needs? Ask us to put together a package to only include those features and functions you want.


Affordable Digital cameras to catch all the Cockpit Action, as well as Thermal imaging Camera's (Low Light to Infra Red) are now available. The video feed can be displayed on your Garmin Screens and or TV's whilst a recording option will allow you to use the vision offshore and perform editing etc.


G & L Marine Services have many years experience with the installation of Garmin Electronics for a wide variety of vessels and their uses. Let us assist you with your next purchase!