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Outriggers from Rupp, Taco and Reelax

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Serious Sport Fishing Hardware since 1980

G & L Marine Services are proud to represent the incredibly strong and functional, Rupp Marine Outriggers.

Boasting what is possibly the worlds biggest range of Outrigger Solutions, the Rupp Rigger is synonymous with High Performance Game Fishing

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   Tournament Riggers from 28 to 41’ with Single, Double and Triple Spreaders

  Bigg Rigs from 39 – 50’ with Triple and Quad Spreaders

  Hydraulic operated Riggers allowing for push button release of outriggers for fishing and automatic locking upon return

  For even better running of your rigging, consider adding the Rupp Roller Guides to your choice of outrigger.


For more information and obligation free pricing on the range available from Rupp Marine, please contact  G & L Marine Services or visit the  Rupp Marine website.

 Whilst the Rupp product is desireable due to its reputation and functionality, it is without doubt also one that requires some maintenaince. The Australian manufactured Reelax Outrigger range (1 and 2 mtr SS Bases with up to 6.5 mtr Lift Out Fibreglass or Precision Carbon Fibre poles), are also a well proven, very dependable system that are somewhat lower in cost and require less regular care. Call us for an obligation free assessment of your requirements.

Or, if your gunnel space is at a premium, take a look at the TACO Grand Slam series of roof mounted bases. These are available fully adjustable (incl angle of depolyment) from INSIDE the boat.

Available with telescopic poles (great for trailer boats) or we can fit the Reelax 4.5 mtr Fibreglass or Precision 5.0 mtr Carbon Fibre Pole. Simplicity and Functionality in the one package. TACO have been supplying the pleasure boater with a variety of top quality products for over 50 years. TACO backs its products with the best warranty in the industry and time has proven their claim that their products provide years of trouble free service.

The Grand Slam 380 Series - priced from $3,929.00 (when in stock)

  The ultimate choice in top mount outriggers.

 The GS 380 provides total control of the outrigger position, both elevation and rotation, whilst standing inside the boat. 

 Of versatile design, the GS380 can be used on both soft tops and hard tops up to 50mm thick.


  Polished marine grade 316 arm and brushed aluminium body offer long lasting performance and stylish appearance.

 Taco 15' and 18' Telescopic outriggers are a perfect fit to these bases and are available in Black or Silver with Gold fittings.


  The Grand Slam 280 Series - priced from $2,098.00 (when in stock)

 The GS280 follows the design and style of the 380 without the elevation control built into the handle.

You still retain the patented rotation control but to change the elevation of the outrigger pole you do need to venture out on deck.

For most this is not an issue as the elevation of the pole can be set prior to the boat leaving the shoreline and simply rotated into action once in the fishing grounds.

Taco 15' and 18' Telescopic outriggers are a perfect fit to these bases and are available in Black or Silver with Gold fittings.


Telescopic Outrigger Poles - priced from $1,4981.00 (15') or $1,819.00 (18') (when in stock)

The TACO OT series of telescopic poles collapse to less than 6 feet for ease of trailering and or storage. Available in either Black or Silver with Silver or Gold fittings. So much simpler and easier than having to de rig and take down your poles when trailering.

RK Rigging Kits - priced from $225.00 (Single) or $440.00 (with Tag Lines)

This is a comprehensive kit with a proven release clip system to fully rig a pair of up to 22ft outriggers. Includes 100ft of Dacron line, balsa wood floats, shock cord with SS snaps, pulleys, barrel swivrels, snap swivels, stainless steel pad eyes, etc.

Let G & L Marine Service’s experience and product knowledge guide you in getting the most suitable Outriggers and associated hardware, for your vessel. We can supply or supply and fit.  * Please note all prices quoted hereon are subject to change without notice due to exchange rate variations, freight charges and/or supply costs and are shown so as to provide an indication only. Please contact us for the latest prices.


Taco Centre Rigger Base & Pole

GS170 Centre Rigger Base Priced from $789.50 with 8’ Aluminium Telescopic pole Priced from $389.00

Taco Carbon Fibre Outrigger Poles

Taco introduces their first ever Carbon Fibre Outrigger Poles for the ultimate offshore fishing experience. Our “Patent Pending” innovative design was built to meet the demands of today’s modern fishing techniques and for those who need to get the most out of their high performance fishing boats on the market.

Our Carbon Fibre Poles are by far stronger and lighter than any other aluminium poles on the market today. The cylindrical design has the strength built into it to allow for today’s modern fishing techniques of pulling dredges of ballyhoo, mullet or squids through the water at higher speeds that would be difficult to achieve with aluminium poles.

Features and Benefits

  1. UV-resistant, clear coated Black Carbon Fibre pole construction

  2. Stainless Steel Type 316 collars and rings

  3. Double outrigger line design on the 16’ and triple outrigger line design on the 20’ for either mono or dacron

  4. Patent pending swivel roller design mechanism allows for movement of the rollers to swivel in the direction of lures or bait for a more natural swimming action which results in hooking more fish

  5. Telescopes to less than 8’ for bridge clearance, trailering and storage

  6. Designed for use with Taco Sport Fishing Grand Slam (GS280 ; GS380) mounts that accept 1-1/2" outriggers

  7. 16’ ideal for boats under 35’, 20’ ideal for boats up to 50’

  8. Includes a nylon mesh carry bag to protect poles

  9. Includes adjustable roller line caddy with brass rollers allowing for easy rigging to the t-top or gunnel and better line management

  10. Locking collar design keeps poles from extending when trailering or running full speed and also keeps poles from collapsing when fully extended

  11. Sold in Pairs

  12. One year limited warranty

  13. Price on application