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02.09.2015 The Hatteras Advantage: The Protective Power of Paint

The Hatteras Advantage: The Protective Power of Paint

Every Hatteras Yacht is painted; spending days or even weeks inside one of the two state-of-the art paint sheds at our New Bern, N.C., factory, depending on the vessel’s size. The new Hatteras 70 Motor Yacht is in one of those sheds right now, having specially formulated paint carefully applied to her hull and topsides so she will be both beautiful and durable when she makes her World Debut at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Florida on November 5 th .

Now, if you think this is no big deal, please think again. Many of our competitors build their boats with gelcoat incorporated into the lamination process and leave it at that. Their boats go from the mold to the water without any additional coatings.

All Hatteras Yachts, on the other hand, are laid up with UV-resistant gelcoat in the laminate and then painted for an extra layer of protection. Or, we should say layers, since here at Hatteras, we give our yachts more than one coat of paint.

"We long-block fair the entire hull with a foam block covered with sandpaper,” says Hatteras Yachts Paint Production Manager, David Mallard. “Then we go the extra mile and put on a ‘show coat’ of paint that highlights any irregularities in the finish, and sand the yacht all over again. After that, we finally put on the top coat.”

Hatteras Yachts builds or manufactures as much as possible of what goes into and onto our yachts in house, but there are some things, like paint, that we have to source from outside vendors. We select those vendors with the utmost care to be sure their products consistently meet or exceed our high standards. ALEXSEAL Yacht Coatings is one of our preferred vendors and we use top quality ALEXSEAL marine paints on all our yachts.

This may cost more in time and money, but protecting every Hatteras with paint is right in line with our mission to produce the most rugged and reliable yachts on the water.

“Paint is a lot more durable product than gelcoat,” says Mallard.