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07.11.2013 Tom Strachan Testimonial

Tom Strachan Testimonial

We love finding the right boat to exactly suit the needs of our clients. A recent example is the purchase of a Cabo 43 by our great client and friend Tom Strachan. Tom was kind enough to share his thoughts about his experience.

 Why did you buy the Cabo 43?

I had a Cabo 38 Express and now that the kids are bigger I felt it was time to buy a boat that gave us a bit more room and comfort while we're out. I loved the Cabo 38 and the Cabos are so well built and perform so well choosing a bigger Cabo was a no brainer.

 What research did you do into your new boat?

My research basically consisted of contacting Graham at Game & Leisure Boats, telling him what I was thinking and then it just went from there. Graham searched out the right boat for my needs and at the same time found a buyer for my existing boat, so the deal was made so easy. Graham and his team are so honest I just trusted them implicitly.

 Were you happy with the levels of service you received from Graham and the team at Game & Leisure?

110%, they are great. We sourced the boat from the US and Graham pretty much organised everything to get it here in a really timely manner. Nothing was or is ever a problem and if a hassle come up Graham would simply fix it and keep me in the loop. I was kept informed through the whole process and it was just hassle free.

 Where will you use the boat?

We do a lot of fishing, between my occasional triathlons that I'm now doing, oh and work of course, so the boat will split its time between Brisbane and North Queensland. We'll do the main fishing seasons up north and back here for the rest of the year. Cant wait.


 Tom Strachan