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Magic Tilt Aluminium Boat Trailers

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Magic Tilt have been manufacturing Aluminium Boat Trailers since 1953, so you could say they know a thing or two about them.

Here in Australia we were most likely to have been introuduced to their quality, on seeing their trailers under some of the worlds best boat brands, imported into Australia over the years by the likes of Sea Ray, Cobalt, Crownline, Larson, etc...

Since 2006, Game and Leisure Boats have been utilising Magic Tilt for trailers under their Grady-White Boats and more recently for their Regal Marine and the locally produced Caribbean Boats. These trailers have been found to be robust, easy to tow and possibly more importantly, easy to release and retrieve their precious cargo.

G & L Boat Trailers, a subsidiary of Game & Leisure Boats, offers the Magic Tilt  "Signature Aluminium Series" trailers, in either Multi Roller or Bunk Bed configurations, as well as providing after sales support with spare parts etc.

Geoff - 0431 728 358  :  Chris - 0409 324 115 or email

Our trailers are specifically engineered and built for Australian conditions and requirements. As such they are legal for road use in any Australian state and are built, as Magic Tilt say, especially for SALT WATER use.

Recently there has been some concerns raised regarding the requirements for Safety Chains and coupling Shackles.
Magic Tilt Trailers are supplied with Safety Chains (2 of for trailers ATM exceeding 2500kg ) rated to 4500kg each. This is significantly higher than the legal requirement. As the supply of the coupling shackles is at the buyers perogative, if you are unsure as to what the requirements are, please see the exerpt from the Qld Dept Transports guidelines in this regard at the bottom of this page or if you have any queries, please talk with us.

Some of the STANDARD features that make the Signature Aluminium Series stand out from the crowd are;

  • Aluminium "I" beam construction
  • Galvanised axles
  • Adjustable undercarriage (single axles)
  • Stainless Steel wheel bearing protectors
  • Aluminium deep V cross members (bunk bed trailers)
  • Dacromet hubs
  • Stainless Steel spindle seals
  • "Diamond Deck" plate load bearing fenders
  • Aluminium step pads
  • Carpeted Cypress bunks (bunk bed trailers)
  • Submersible LED Lighting (Australian Standards)
  • Australian 7 pin flat trailer connection plug
  • Heavy Duty Winch and Strap and Bow Safety Chain
  • Heavy Duty Winch post
  • Heavy Duty Tongue Jack (Jockey wheel)
  • PVC covered, Galvanised tubing upright boat guides (width adjustable to suit your boat)
  • Non marking Bow roller and hull bumper pads
  • Heavy Duty adjustable keel pad on forward cross member
  • Heat shrink to all wiring connections
  • Coil safety cables (to 5 tonne)
  • Australian Alco brake actuators on single axle trailers
  • Electric operating, Four Wheel hydraulic Disc brakes on ALL tandem trailers

In addition, all Magic Tilt Trailers sold by G & L Boat Trailers include;

  • Mag wheels and Radial ply tyres
  • Spare wheel (also mag with radial) on a complete spare hub (includes bearing, brake disc, etc) as bracket
  • Stainless Steel fasteners and U bolts
  • Vehicle Electric Trailer Brake Control module (Tandem trailers) - Auto Electrician install required.


A Torsion Axle upgrade, doing away with the standard axle/spring set up, is available on trailers with a Gross Weight (Trailer and Load) exceeding 1.6 tonne @ $225.00 per axle, or $415.00 per axle for those that exceed 2.5 tonne.

A longer lasting, Non Marking Poly Roller upgrade is available on all Multi Roller Trailers at a cost between $540.00 and $1,235.00 depending on trailer model.

Please advise your requirements so we can provide you with our BEST PRICE.

Please call us on 07 5577 1611,  0409 324 115 (Chris) or 0431 728 358 (Geoff) or email to discuss your trailering requirements. We are confident that you will be most impressed with the quality and durability of the Magic Tilt Trailer as well as our special pricing.

The following is taken from the Safe Towing Guide August 2014 by the Department of Transport and Main Roads (Qld);

Safety Chain Connections (Shackles, Pins or Bolts)

The Department of Transport and Main Roads recommends that the shackles used should meet Australian Standard AS 2741-2002 “Shackles”, or another equivalent recognised standard, and have a break load limit of the shackle is rated at least 1.5 times greater than the ATM of the trailer.

You can easily identify a shackle that meets AS 2741-2002 “Shackles” because they will be permanently marked with the following information:
  • • The manufacturer’s name or trademark
  • • Quality grade of the shackle, e.g. (“M” or “4”, “S” or “6”)
  •  Working Load Limit (WLL) or Rating; and
  • • Identification marking in order to correlate shackle to test certificate
•Rated bolts, chain shackles or other suitable fittings (i.e. hammerlocks) may be used as devices for connection on safety chains providing the break load limit of the device is at least 1.5 times greater than the ATM of the trailer. • Generally, the break load limit of a rated shackle will be six times greater than its work load limit. • Pin diameter of shackle will be greater than the diameter of the main shackle body. • Same size shackles of different quality grades will have a different WLL (i.e. 6mm “S” grade shackle has a greater WLL than a 6mm “M” grade shackle). • Stainless steel shackles are unsuitable for trailer use due to the material’s general low resistance to bending stresses.• S” or “6” grade “D” Shackles bear similar characteristics to “S” or “6” grade Bow Shackles. • Bow shackles provide for greater angular usage compared with “D” shackles