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16.04.2014 Who is catching the marlin in the Pacific?

Who is catching the marlin in the Pacific?




Thank you to Bluewater Magazine and Dr Julian Pepperill for this amazing article recently featured in the magazine. 

For many years there has been considerable focus and emphasis placed on the amateur game fishing market, particularly in relation to the impact of amateur fishing on the Marlin segment. For many years now most amateur Marlin anglers whether on a charter, in a tournament or simply fishing for pleasure have been extremely protective of the species primarily through tag and release, with an emphasis on the protection and health of the fish and ensuring the fish is released alive and well. On occasion, as is the case during a tournament when a record or big fish is caught and has a need to be weighed, it is inevitable that some fish will die. In a recent independent report prepared by one of Australia’s leading Marine Biologist’s Dr Julian Pepperill and published by Bluewater Magazine, the statistics outlining the marlin species population within the Pacific and the impact from both professional and amateur fishing shows that amateur fishing resulting in the death of a marlin is incomparable (less than 3%) to the numbers related to the commercial fishing of Marlin.

We're not defending the fact that the killing of any Marlin in the Ocean is not something we want to see happen, but the report and statistics do outline that those fish that may die as a result of amateur fishing, has very little impact on the overall Marlin species. The article, as reproduced here, is a very worthwhile read for fishermen, fisherwomen, fisherjuniors as well as the public in general as it quantifies the real effects of amateur angling on Marlin stocks.

Click here to read Dr Pepperill's article.